Simple Traps Tutorial for UltraFractal - Page 6


Introduction to the Expert Mode

When the Expert mode box is checked, several new sections of parameters are visible. They are:

In addition, the parameter Use all iterations becomes visible as does the parameter Number of Traps. The parameter Use all iterations will not be discussed in this tutorial as it is covered in the Enhanced Formulas tutorial on the Limited Iter page. The the same reason, the parameters in the fBm Parameters section and Texture Parameters section will not be discussed here, as they are covered in the Enhanced Formulas tutorial on the Texture and fBm Texture pages. 

The Number of Traps parameter is a drop down list with the options for using 1 or 2 traps. If 2 is selected a new set of parameter sections appear:

These parameters are for use with the dual traps mode. The dual traps mode is based upon code of Damien Jones, and modified to be useable with the trap modes of Simple Traps. The types of merge modes have been expanded, and some additional merge parameters have been added to take advantage of some of the trap mode characteristics of Simple Traps.

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